Software development, security testing & training

Valitor is a leading omnichannel payment solutions and processing company that operates internationally, offering services to partners, merchants, banks, and cardholders around the world.

The cooperation with Levi9 started in October 2015 with a single team and has been increased to multiple teams working on several software platforms and applications.

What we were asked to deliver

For Valitor, security is a key priority. As a licensed payment processor, they have strict regulations and very high compliance standards. Valitor’s own software developers get a yearly external security training.

Besides the ongoing software development, Valitor requested Levi9’s Cyber Security Team to perform security testing on their main applications and to organize an on-site security training to raise awareness and importance of software security.

The toughest certification.

The Levi9 Cyber Security Team (CST) consists of highly skilled professionals such as Security Engineers, Security Trainers, GDPR Trainers, Members of ISM. We’ve earned the OSCP certification.

"I can really recommend Levi9 to anyone that needs to boost up knowledge on Secure Development Practices.”

Gunnar Sigurjónsson, Chief Operating Officer at Valitor.