Agile visibility

How to maximize your development productivity?

By using agile methodologies, companies are able to deliver fast and reliably and with more value for money.

Within Levi9 we are predictable and improve continuously.

Continuous improvement is a core belief of every levi niner.

We constantly look at how we can improve to become more productive. Customer alignment is key. Measuring continuously customer’s objectives, the contributed value, and the related reporting on a daily basis enables customers to become reliable to their market and stay ahead of their competitors.

Increased Product Owner and Team satisfaction

Double the business value delivered over a 2-year period

Commitment reliability over the last 100 sprints

To help our customers in their agile journey, Levi9 can help you with various types of services:

Collaborative requirements creation

Turn business idea into a fully operational software product.

User story mapping

Refining requirements and planning of work.

Agile training and consultancy

Be predictable and keep improving. Continuously.


What we did for Essent

Agile visibility and Continuous Improvement to come to high-performing development teams.

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