Scalable as a service charging point platform

The goal of Everon is to play a worldwide role in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Everon is the software division of EVBox, a worldwide manufacturer of charging points for electric vehicles and charging management systems. They faced an increasing importance of charging point management and fast growth in the market.

What we were asked to deliver

The charging point management platform needed to be set up to be entirely scalable as a service and Levi9 was asked to help realizing this.   “Our assumption has been a partnership with maximum business results. For us, it’s a unique opportunity to grow in this relatively young and, above all, promising market.” says Joeri Kamp, COO of Everon.

Levi9 supports in raising the quality and working methods within the development teams. The software professionals from Levi9 bring knowledge and experience to the table with the Agile methodology, continuous improvement, attention to security and architecture. Everon has opened up their first public APIs. Levi9’s work here was to set it up, configure it to expose public APIs of the various Everon services and configure a developer portal for exposing API documentation for both the external customers and Everon developers.

It’s the experience.

Working with Levi9 means lots of face-to-face contact, both with Levi9 in Amsterdam and the thirty or so developers who are working on the various teams, says Joeri Kamp   

“They have a reputation as a reliable partner, so you know they deliver, and you know you can count on satisfaction as a customer." 

— Joeri Kamp, Chief Solution Officer EVBox - Managing Director at Everon