Our Story

It started with a bang

In 1994, the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with the planet Jupiter, a cosmic bang that changed the skies forever. The persuasion of Menno de Jong and Bernhard van Oranje was and is, that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round. That fact meant the conceptual starting point of a tech company that called itself Levi9 and set itself the goal of bringing about lasting change through digital disruption. 

Our Story

How we differentiate

Levi9 differentiates between support tech and business tech. There’s a crucial difference between the two. The first offers support to the customer’s business, meaning the most important goal is to achieve greater efficiency. Which isn’t something that particularly floats a levi niner’s boat. Levi9 wants to create lasting change to their customers businesses with creative, technological customization

Our Story

Creating impact

Creating impact. A domain where the only thing that counts is effectivity, or rather: more. Should the project deliver more profit/success/production/output/results than it did previously? Time for the levi niner to roll up his sleeves and get on the case. 

Programmersshould shine

Customer Intimacy is what we value, it’s all about a personal, involved relationship with the customer. It’s really important to understand their business completely. Equality, without hierarchy and with space for every idea. To achieve the necessary creativity, freedom is crucial.

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Giarte: 85% of Levi9 customers will recommend us!

Giarte Research's Outsourcing Performance study is the largest benchmark study of IT managed services in the Netherlands. Since 2002, the market analyst has been using this monitor to record experiences with the IT services provided to more than 600 companies and government institutions. Sogeti is part of the research category that examines the performance of 40 major IT service providers with more than 55 million euros in annual revenue.




We encourage versatility

Every levi niner stands out in its personality, its knowledge and its skills. But there are five characteristics that are shared by all of us and make us a strong team:

Result driven

We have six delivery centers and one headquarter across eastern Europe

Started in Serbia in 2005 today Levi 9 has 6 delivery centers across Eastern Europe; Serbia, Ukraine and Romania and a headquarter based in Amsterdam.

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The Board

Our board is formed by Pien Oosterman (CEO), Ruben Satink (CFO), Debby Jansen (CCO) and Bernhard van Oranje (Founder & CMO). Menno de Jong (Founder & former CFO) and Paul Schuyt (former CEO) are involved in the company as shareholders and Non-executive board members. The board is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.