Synergy is key: How a company culture drives success

Levi9 understands success derives directly from our close relationship to our partners and customers. Building a collaboration based on trust and the understanding of a customer’s vision, incentives and challenges is paramount in building impactful projects. Projects that will ultimately become part of the company’s DNA.

Years of experience showed us our success depends on our customer’s accomplishments and the efficiency of the IT solutions we implement. We can only grow in parallel to the companies we work with; their successes are also ours.

We started working with Tele2, a large European telecommunications company in 2012. From the very start, Levi9 was in charge of helping them operate an important change in their operations and allow them to thrive in a highly competitive industry. Aiming to reduce costs and to grow their developers workforce, Tele2 wanted to move away from hiring consultants and maintaining an in-house team. Levi9 expertise with the Scrum framework put us in a perfect position to help the telecom company operate a transition to an outsourced IT model.

With a sizeable team of remote specialists, Levi9 took on the company’s IT support from B2B to consumer side softwares. Our constant communication with their delivery director, to ensure objectives were met at every milestone of the project, stands as an example. It is that constructive feedback loop that allowed us to complete project to the highest standard and make our collaboration a success.

After 7 years of fruitful partnership with a team of more than 70 specialists, an acquisition with T-Mobile put an end to our work with Tele2. We believe a professional handover is part of the customer journey and keeping a close collaboration until the very end is paramount – we aim for an excellent customer experience all through our partnership.

Taking ownership of their projects and making their goals ours, we at Levi9 got to understand how vital our core values were; we owe the success of this venture and our ability to take on such a large-scale project to flawless communication and a true understanding of our customer’s needs.

Collaborating with their team has helped us blossom as much as we helped them. We will always look back fondly at the cooperative effort involving many different teams, bringing their drive and expertise to the table, but also on the laugh (and the drinks!) we shared.

Through working together seamlessly, with common objectives and a clear understanding of the challenges they were facing, we grew as a company and tackled ambitious projects we will always be proud of.